• Snorer Mode Settings
    The snorer mode includes a detailed dashboard with all night snoring parameters of you interest. Adjust the time and amount of snore warnings that you want to receive
  • Snoring loudness settings
    adjust the maximum snoring sound level acceptable for your partner. Be warned above it. track the loudness of your snoring watch it in graphs all night
  • Snore breath inspiration expiration duration settings
    set up what inspiration expiration length between two snores is not acceptable
  • Personalise settings
  • Awakenings adjustments
    adjust movements sensibility
  • Warnins on your wearable
    snoring warnings on wearables
  • Want to disturb less?
  • Do you want to snore less?
  • Want to track your snoring?
    Track your sleep quality thanks to your snoring. The partner mode let you find out the exact times when snoring is annoying you
  • Share your graphs

Snores with Inspiration / expiration longer than 10 seconds

Snores with Inspiration / expiration longer than 10 seconds
In this graph you can see all your snores classified by the time between two snores. A snore lasts a few seconds, four, five at maximum. But the time it takes you to snore again could tell about the inspiration/expiration speed of your breathing