• Snorer Mode Settings
    The snorer mode includes a detailed dashboard with all night snoring parameters of you interest. Adjust the time and amount of snore warnings that you want to receive
  • Snoring loudness settings
    adjust the maximum snoring sound level acceptable for your partner. Be warned above it. track the loudness of your snoring watch it in graphs all night
  • Snore breath inspiration expiration duration settings
    set up what inspiration expiration length between two snores is not acceptable
  • Personalise settings
  • Awakenings adjustments
    adjust movements sensibility
  • Warnins on your wearable
    snoring warnings on wearables
  • Want to disturb less?
  • Do you want to snore less?
  • Want to track your snoring?
    Track your sleep quality thanks to your snoring. The partner mode let you find out the exact times when snoring is annoying you
  • Share your graphs

Snores classified by Inspiration / expiration length

Snores classified by Inspiration / expiration length
"Snore breath" is the time between two snores. It tells about your Inspiration / Expiration time over night (the rhythm of your breathing). This time could tell about respiratory difficulties that you might want to know about and also that you might want to avoid using warnings. Use this information to decide when the App shall warn you to avoid this situations to happen.